A radically inclusive, participatory project empowering us all to engage with music and art through interactive play.

HEXADECA is a participatory work empowering people from all walks of life to engage with music and art through multi-generational, all-inclusive play. This architecturally designed, music making playground draws upon sensor activated music triggering technology and collaborations with leading Australian musicians to invite the public to become the conductor. As the audience spin in custom constructed fiberglass seats they unknowingly activate portions of a musical score, only revealing the track in its entirety when each seat is occupied.

HEXADECA encourages multi-generational, all-inclusive play, because regardless of your physical ability, age or culture, joy and play are human.


Development Team

Artist and creative producer: Joren Dawson
Producer: Jascha Boyce
Design + production lead: Jake Jenkins
Design + technical consultant: Simon Modra
Tech wizard: David Musch of Mapped Design
Coding + hardware support: NextFaze

Tech Specs

–10m diameter circle
Enquire for full tech specs

How we built it


Pulsing Heart
brand identity by Daniel Castro
Website by Super Assembly